Hi baby jesus christ our lord and savior is returning soon to take us home to heaven to live with him forever and we will receieve the crown of life.


Anonymous asked:

Into what airport should I fly to meet u? Anyone not trying to meet you is crazy.

Hi clintearheart my name is jasonholder iam a born again christian iam single cute sexy tell me about yourself and what you do for a living? Send me some more emails and text messages from your cell phone to my inbox forever and keep them coming forever to let me know.

Hi everybody receieve jesus christ as your lord and savior.


Anonymous asked:

1dleaks is the same site that stated yesterday that Harry hadn't bought a house in LA while people were busy reblogging all the news articles and photos of his new house.

verily-i-say answered:

I notice she’s been conspicuously absent since her several failed predictions the other day. Fingers crossed she just stays gone, but I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.

Hi anonymous tell me to sit in between your python boots and practice buckling me up your rascal jasonholder.